QinetiQ Virtual View @DSEI
Mission-led Innovation – 16th Sept

Our experts examine the advances in training and mission rehearsal and look at how a professional White Force enhances team and collective training in every war fighting domain. We identify the benefits of using a contracted White Force to assist with collective training through the use of synthetic environments.

With an increasingly complex Threat Surface and an increasing threat from adversaries, there must now be a sharper focus than ever before on end-to-end cyber resilience across the electromagnetic spectrum.  We explore an adaptable threat-based approach to assurance against the threat from Cyber and Electromagnetic Activity (CEMA).

The event will be available from 10.15 BST until 12.45 BST each day; with the programme repeating from 14.25 BST to enable you to join at a convenient time.

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Not only can we develop cutting-edge technology and turn it into capability, we can also tell you if that capability will work when it is critically needed and ensure you are trained and operationally ready.

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